Michael Bertiaux – Cagliostro: Autobiograffia Spiritista

With thanks to Roberto Migliussi…

Michael Bertiaux is one of the most influential living personalities in western esotericism. Spending all his life in the pursuit of spiritual evolution, his work was first made public in the ’70s in Kenneth Grant’s Cults of the Shadow, which introduced the Chicagoan occultist and his blend of Haiti Voudoo and Gnostic mysticism. At that time the only possible access to his work was through personal contact or by following a four year course in the Monastery of the Seven Rays, one of the many organizations to which he was related. In the ’80s Bertiaux saw published his mammoth tome, The Voudon Gnostic Workbook, which shed a more comprehensive light on his teachings. At the beginning of the new century a tide of interest in him arose, thanks to the Italian translations of Lucky Hoodoo and Cosmic Meditation, the English edition of the latter, the republication of the The Voudon Gnostic Workbook and new works published by Fulgur Press. Bertiaux is recognized as an inspiring author on fundamental themes in the magic and mysticism of the new Millennium. Many see him as a cult figure from which they draw insights, inspiration, and a full comprehension of some deep motives underlining their spiritual evolution.

So it is a pleasure for me to present you his work Cagliostro: Autobiograffia Spiritista, a book which many will find weird and obscure but others a true gem of classic mediumistic occultism. Set in the city of Chicago, Cagliostro assumes his form and speaks to the mediums, identifying the common path which leads individuals to spiritual advancement for the benefit of all mankind.  Illustrated by the author’s art, this book contains surprises you will discover if you are able to follow the threads, here disseminated by one of the most inclusive human beings in the occult world.

Michael Bertiaux, Cagliostro: Autobiograffia Spiritista, edited and produced by Roberto Migliussi, English language, limited edition of 300 copies numbered, size 21cmx14,8cm, 92 pages, illustrated, ISBN 978-88-942129-3-8.

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