Coomaraswamy’s acquaintance with infamous English occultist Aleister Crowley would be another interesting incident to expose his colourful life. Indeed both Coomaraswamy and Crowley were two different characters in every way wherein Crowley was loathed by many as a charlatan and a seducer of women, but Coomaraswamy was known for his academic contributions widely. Nevertheless their knack on wearing dresses in a flamboyant manner always attracted both of them to be in the centre of the social circles. When Coomaraswamy met Crowley in 1917 Coomaraswamy was then married to the second of his four wives, a musician and singer from Yorkshire with the stage name Ratan Devi. The letters exchanged between Crowley and Ratan Devi indicates signs of romance among them and even at one point Crowley insisted Ratan Devi to divorce Coomaraswamy.

Source: Mysticism of Ananda Coomaraswamy: Untouched side of a rare polymath – Sri Lanka Guardian

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