New Book About Pushers of Fake Crowleyana

The Second Edition of My Hands Were Clean has arrived! It includes the full text of Tom Bradley’s original drug-fueled sex-cult rejections, along with a new preface that includes the latest hip term for MDMA.

By the author of ELMER CROWLEY (Mandrake of Oxford), this book takes its title from the Autohagiography: “My responsibility to the gods was to write as I was inspired; my responsibility to mankind was to publish what I wrote. But it ended there. As long as what I wrote was technically accessible to the public…MY HANDS WERE CLEAN….”

This is fitting, because this book is itself something of a saintly memoir. Read about Tom Bradley’s teenage gig performing grotesquely on the harp at a geothermal spa, deep in the savage Utah desert. The place is run by a coven of polygamist Kali-worshipping tantric orgiasts who sell fake Crowleyana to rock star Jimmy Page.

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