New book from Society of Esoteric Endeavour

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A New book has been published by the Society of Esoteric Endeavour.

Please note it will go out of print on Sunday 9th November 2014ev ie in 5 days time.

It is a reprint of a manuscript by Herbert Irwin, son of Major Irwin, a major figure in the pre-Golden Dawn milieu. Called the “Book of Magic” it is explicitly the book of the Fratres Lucis setting out a magical curriculum for the Order, recording meetings and so forth. Some book sources can be spotted, but much is unfamiliar and probably results from Herbert Irwin’s skrying in magical mirror. He took opium to assist his visions, but died of an overdose. The first page of the manuscript illustrates how the book should appear, and that is how the Society of Esoteric Endeavour has designed them. The front board incorporates a portion of the manuscript to establish a magical link with Herbert Irwin’s endeavour. The rear board incorporates a glass skrying mirror, to facilitate the practitioner’s access to the mind spaces from whence this book arose, which is the same magical flux from that informed the Golden Dawn and the Theosophical Society. More information and photos can be found here:-


If you wish to order a copy, please contact:-

Caduceus Books
28 Darley Road
LE10 2RL
Telephone 01455 250542                  + 44 1455 250542 from abroad
Fax 0872 110 3425                        + 44 872 110 3425 from abroad




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