New Memoir Featuring Austin Osman Spare

It is with great pleasure that Jerusalem Press announce the publication of an invaluable memoir by one of the few remaining people still alive that knew Austin Osman Spare.

Friends and Influences
Gary Sargeant

The author is an artist who as a teenager was nurtured and taken to life-classes by Spare and his sister Nellie. Gary is blind, but the memories are sharp and evocative. Spare, it transpires, set Gary upon his varied career in Art and Design.

Gary paints a much needed ‘tactile picture’ of Austin Osman Spare, as someone who is more than the ‘Occult artist’ that many readers will be familiar with.

Here we are introduced to the selfless ‘humanist’, a generous soul encouraging ‘raw talent’ without any concern for personal gain. Spare is revealed as a life-long instructor on art, a natural mentor who relished nurturing the creative potential of others.

This uniquely insightful book is sure to be indispensible to anyone seeking a greater understanding of Austin Osman Spare.

The deluxe edition features one of a set of four different hand-numbered prints signed by the author-artist.

Now available for pre-order…

Deluxe Format  50 hand-numbered copies
Standard Format 500 hand-numbered copies







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