Obeah Simplified, The True Wanga by Professor Myal Djumboh Cassecanarie

Afterword by Christopher Josiffre, Society of Esoteric Endeavour, 2018. Hardback 139pp. Numbered limited edition of 193 copies.


  • Adverts
  • Preface. To the reader
  • Chapter I. Definitions
  • Chapter II. Initiation, Kanji Stones, Protection of Fields etc.
  • Chapter III. Excitement to love, Dirty Clothes Oracle, “Setting On” Jumbies, Causing Disease etc.
  • Chapter IV. Use of Spells and Incantations on Men and Animals
  • Chapter V.  The Use of Glamour and Wanga Power, Rain Making and Controlling Elements
  • Chapter VI. Hagging, Vampires, Drawing the Shadow, Lycanthropy, Silk Cotton Tree
  • Chapter VII.  Fair Maids, Nature-Spirits, Virtuas.
  • Chapter VIII.  Theopea: Modus Operandi of certain Ancient Feats
  • Chapter IX Ancient Sorcery, Superstition, Mamans Dijou, Livre Rouge, Conclusion
  • Adverts
  • Christopher Josiffre – Afterword
  • Introduction
  • Influence upon Aleister Crowley
  • Sympathetic Portrayal of Obeah
  • Identity of Cassecanarie
  • Concluding Remarks
  • Endnotes
  • Appendices
    • Shamanism and Witchcraft Amongst the Kolararian Tribes by Miad Koyora Koria Hon,
    • African Magic by Tau-Triadelta
    • Varieties of African Magic Parts I and II by Miad Hoyora Korahon
    • The True Wanga – Marginalia, Underlinings and Other Markings in the Warburg Copy

This work was first published in 1895 in Trinidad and achieved instant obscurity, However, it seems that a bell was rung somewhere as 9 years later, on 8th April 1904 Aiwass instructed Crowley that, as well as the mantras and spells and the work of the wand and the sword, he should learn and teach “the obeah and the wanga”  (Liber Al vel Legis / The Book of the Law, Chapter 1 verse 37)

At that time, and for a very long time afterwards, the only sympathetic text by a self identified practitioner of Obeah was this work. It was the only book with the more obscure term “Wanga” in the title. It almost as if Aiwass was referring Crowley to this publication!

There is good reason to believe that Crowley was aware of the publication. There is an annotated copy of Obeah Simplified in the Yorke Collection at the Warburg Institute. The annotations, appear to emphasise parts of the text which particularly resonates with Crowley’s writings. The Afterword and appendices reproduce or describe all the annotations and underlining, and presents expert judgement as to whether they are in Crowley’s hand. The matter remains an enigma. Readers are given all the information so that they can judge the issue for themselves.

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