Is Thelema a religion? Who are the Secret Chiefs? What are the Khabs and the Khu? Who or what is LAM? These questions and over a hundred more are answered in this pithy and entertaining book on Thelemic philosophy. Skip around and read as thou wilt!

If you are interested in pursuing Thelema, this book by J Edward and Erica M Cornelius is for you—regardless if you are officially in the A.’.A.’. or not. After all, Crowley designed his system so that anyone in the world could become a Thelemite. We believe that to be a proper Thelemite, you must first be familiar with the terms, phrases and basic principles of our philosophy. 

This book is 6×9, red cover, no dust jacket, 235 pages. Every book is a signed copy. There are only 200 hardback, signed copies available.

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