Ordo Templi Orientis News: Gérard Aumont

Gérard Aumont was born Gérard Marie Albert Aumont in Gabes, Tunisia on September 13, 1902 to Alfred Charles Jean and Eva Alphonsine (née Mauger) Aumont. He married Paulette Cazaentre in Marseilles on August 10, 1932; they had no children. His nephew is the well-known theatre, film and television actor Michel Aumont. He was only 20 when he met Crowley in his post-Cefalù exile in Tunisia, first appearing in Crowley’s diary on August 23, 1923: “Aumont called—he had already translated The Ghouls. Very intelligent youth—gets my ideas at once—picks the important aphorisms—but is terribly voluble.” Crowley’s diaries show that Aumont was an occasional lover. He translated The Diary of a Drug Fiend into French around 1924 — its manuscript was among in the Crowley papers shipped to America.

Source: Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.) News

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