Owner “distraught” after Highland mansion gutted in blaze

Mansion-660x496The owner of a fire-ravaged mansion near Loch Ness has been left “totally distraught” by the loss of her family’s treasured holiday home. Boleskine House at Foyers was destroyed by a fierce blaze earlier this week. The Dutch owner’s daughter and partner are understood to have gone shopping and returned to find it on fire.

Source: Owner “distraught” after Highland mansion gutted in blaze – Press and Journal

2 comments on “Owner “distraught” after Highland mansion gutted in blaze

  1. Jamie J Barter

    There doesn’t seem to have been too much publicity after the initial blaze (if you’ll pardon the pun) exactly a month ago.

    Since initial reports suggested that even at the time when the first fire engines arrived 60% of the building had already gone up in flames, what can be the current state of the remains? Are they a wholly burnt out shell, and are there any plans to rebuild/ restore the building to its former glory? The Book of the Law stated: “though with fire and sword it be burnt down & shattered, yet an invisible house there standeth” (III: 34). So we’ve already had the fire – what is the probability that the “shattered” part of the ‘prophecy’ will now be fulfilled by the metal wrecking equipment of the demolition crew as it arrives to finish the job which the fire started?

    And has arson by fundies been ruled out?
    Norma N Joy Conquest

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