Panic In Detroit: Revised and Expanded

Richard Kaczynski, author of Perdurabo, the best biography of Aleister Crowley, has announced the publication in August of a ‘revised and expanded’ edition of his excellent Panic In Detroit supplement…

This revised and greatly expanded edition commemorates one hundred years since the publication of the blue “Equinox” in the city of Detroit, and documents the moral panic that followed.

The original 2006 publication, as issue #2 of the Blue Equinox Journal, was limited to 250 copies and ran 165 pages. This new edition tips the scales at just over 400 pages, and will sell for $20. It will be available through major and independent booksellers when it releases at NOTOCON. New in this edition:

—An overhauled and expanded titular essay;

—For the first time anywhere, selected transcripts from the Universal Book Stores’ bankruptcy hearings, in which Aleister Crowley, “The Equinox,” and O.T.O. figure very prominently;

—A slew of additional newspaper articles: a total of 55;

—To the selection of 40 letters between Aleister Crowley, Charles Stansfeld Jones and their circle (not published elsewhere) I’ve added an additional lengthy letter from C.S. Jones to Aleister Crowley not present in the first edition;

—A pair of masonic articles written by blue Equinox publisher Albert W. Ryerson;

—”A Street Guide to Aleister Crowley’s Detroit,” reprinted from the NOTOCON VIII proceedings book;

—and a BRAND NEW CLOSING PAPER detailing how Crowley’s collection of rare books was lost, found again, and preserved through the efforts of:
* stage magic historian Robert Lund,
* John P. Kowal, Frater Achad’s successor as Universal Brotherhood Mahaguru,
* O.T.O.’s O.H.O. Karl Germer,
* Crowley friend, patron and collector Gerald Yorke,
* Cleveland-born artist Philip Kaplan.

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