Podcast: The Sacred Alignments & Dark Side of Sigils

Robert Podgurski, author of The Sacred Alignments & Dark Side of Sigils, is the guest in Occult of Personality podcast, episode 143.

The Sacred Alignments… is a fascinating work that I highly recommend – a review of the book is in preparation.

Robert Podgurski has been researching and working with the Enochian system, the techniques of Austin Osman Spare, and other forms of magickal practice for over 30 years and has published a number of essays on magick and the occult, as well as his own poetry. He’s also conducted lectures and workshops throughout the United States.

The Sacred Alignments & Dark Side of Sigils represents a groundbreaking study in modern magick and the exploration of consciousness. In this book, Robert Podgurski describes the discovery of the Grid Sigil and its uses as he initially intuited them. This particular sigilic tool bridges the gap between Enochian Magick and Austin Spare’s unique system of sigilization. However, the Grid Sigil is not so much the primary focus of this book as is the elaboration upon the methodology and underpinning elements developed in support of this discovery that should prove to be of key interest to practitioners and researchers of western esotericism. And it is ultimately the goal of the author to provide other aspirants with his unique perspective on this complex framework as a means to promote and inspire innovations in new-aeonic magick. Furthermore, unlike many new age and modern metaphysical works prevalent today The Sacred Alignments & Dark Side of Sigils is bolstered by over 25 years of well documented research into Hermeticism, Enochian Magick, Eastern theories of Yantra and Tantra, as well as Geomagnetism, Sigils, etc. The scholarly dimension of this book should appeal to serious students of Renaissance occultism as well as to modern Thelemic magicians.



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