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Title: Magick In Theory And Practice
Author: Aleister Crowley
Published: 1999 I-H-O Books (Thame UK)
Format: Paperback

This paperback facsimile reprint of Crowley’s most important work was published in 1999 by I-H-O Books, more commonly known as Tony Naylor’s ‘Mandrake Press’. It caused some controversy at the time as a result of its declarations that the book was ‘Issued by order of the Literary Executor for Aleister Crowley’ (i.e. Tony Naylor himself). The background to this claim is discussed in detail elsewhere on LAShTAL.CO; suffice to say, the claim was at best ‘over-stated’ and resulted from commercial arrangements between Naylor and Crowley’s biographer, John Symonds.

In any case, it’s an important volume in the history of Crowley publishing. It’s also a nice production, conveniently pocket sized (though bulky at more than 460 pages).

This copy is in Good condition. Some bumps, a little bit dusty and so on – see the photographs for detail. The spine has not been cracked and I suspect this particular copy has not been read. It’s unmarked internally.

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