Project: Irish Order of Thelema Library

Project: Irish Order of Thelema Library

In Autumn 2014 one of the members donated a sizeable library to the Order with the purpose of establishing a cornerstone to a reference library and loan library for members. This collection includes work on the qabalah, ritual magick, paganisms, shamanism, Celtic studies, divination and more. Our goal is to put up book shelves, finish indexing and put in place a system for loans and reference for members of the Order. It will be housed in the Belfast temple/ community space.

If you would like to help us with this work, donations are welcome. We would appreciate donations of money (for shelves), shelving, time for indexing, and donations of relevant books.

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That’s really great, Paul!
Good luck with that all!

I would donate books except I only have 2 paperbacks I don’t want because you wouldn’t want them either. But I wish you success and that’s really great!