R T Cole: The Inauguration of Aleister Crowley’s New Aeon of Horus

A Rough Guide to Aiwass, the Cairo Working, Thelema and the New Aeon of Horus. Presented in plain English and virtually free from occult terminology, allegory, symbolism and associated cipher-babble. Unlike all other brands of Thelema, this one fits all known facts, makes perfect sense, and works!

The advent of Crowley’s New Aeon of Horus affords all with direct access to the event horizon of global consciousness, down an internal sensory vortex formerly known as the supernatural – To a place where all minds converge, and to the source of creation itself. To say the very least, Horus provides a revolutionary and reliable means of exploring paranormal domains. In other words, practical Magick that works! On a grander scale, the New Aeon Current is reclaiming every facet of old aeon (Osiris) civilisation, with which to build our new world – Solve et Coagula.

The established apparatus of education, work, finance, politics, social care, judiciary, law enforcement and every other facet of civilisation are changing to accommodate the single-serving requirements of a new generation and an upgraded version of Homo sapiens. Everything is in flux and Crowley placed an ‘access all areas’ key to the Planning Department within reach of all.

List price £6.66 – Introductory offer (with a 30% discount) is £4.66

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3 comments on “R T Cole: The Inauguration of Aleister Crowley’s New Aeon of Horus

    1. Shiva

      I checked with Lulu, the printer (not the publisher) to see what a 68-pahe, premium paperback, B&W text, color over, costs to make/manufacture. The answer, in USA size and currency is $2.90. By contemporary book-pricing standards, this would mean a retail list price of $11.60.

      Mr Cole is listing this book at $8.85, and currently offers a 30% discount to arrive at a current net price of $6.20 – plus Shipping, but Shipping is wholly (holy?) Lulu’s cost/fee. This is not “grossly overpriced,” and I will eat my hat and coat if he is an example of “earning a living out of Aleister.” Since Aleister’s name appears in the book title, there is still room for viewing Richard as “riding on Crowley’s coat-tails,” but monetary gain in larger amounts than a single sip at the local pub is not one of his sins.

      No, it’s not money that is the key factor here. It is the content, plus the revelation of an alleged super-secret (coming next year) and its validity in terms of uniqueness and practicality, that everything rests upon. And everyone has to wait for the trilogy to be published before any final verdict can be made.

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