Re-Creating the Abbey: A group show of contemporary work inspired by Aleister Crowley’s Chamber of Nightmares

“Re-Creating the Abbet” is a satellite show currently held alongside “The Nightmare Paintings: Aleister Crowley” and presents new original work from a range of contemporary artists including Barry William Hale and Mitchell Nolte.

The only surviving record of the images which adorned Crowley’s Chamber of Nightmares was an essay by the artist written circa 1920. Written as a tourist’s introduction to the Sicilian village, it contained a catalogue of his paintings on the walls of the Abbey of Thelema. The piece remained unpublished during Crowley’s lifetime.

The selection of work in this exhibition is inspired by these writings.


Images and details can be found here:

Showing until 28 February 2013.

222 Queen Victoria St,
North Fremantle, WA Australia



Related Images:

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