Richard Cole: Thelema Revisited – Free Download

LAShTAL.COM proudly presents a free download of Richard Cole’s excellent Thelema Revisited.

Richard Cole requests your company on a nostalgic journey to a small village on the North-East coast of Sicily, where fifty years ago, on a hot June morning, a wealthy Italian man called Giuseppe Ferrara arrived on a horse and carriage to greet the child’s grandparents and escort them around his old farmhouse. Before leaving, Mr Ferrara gives their grandson a keepsake of the visit: A small glass phial left by the previous tenant. Although the phial is soon lost, the child retains a life-long fascination for its owner. A man whose rise from obscurity to the celebrity status and world renown he enjoys posthumously today is nothing short of remarkable.

Richard Cole’s lavishly illustrated travelogue answers all of the questions you are ever likely to ask about Crowley’s Abbey of Thelema and dispels many of the myths. It includes:

  • Hundreds of rare, unseen and unpublished photographs of the Abbey and Cefalu from the past and present.
  • A comprehensive and fascinating history of the Abbey, its tenants, visitors, vandals and owners.
  • A summary of the key events which occurred during Crowley’s three-year and one month long attempt to create a New World Religion.
  • Fills in gaps and ties up many loose-ends left by other published accounts.
  • Recollections and memories of Crowley from lifelong inhabitants of Cefalu, neighbours and relatives of the Abbey’s current owners.
  • A contemporary ghost story from the Abbey, complete with a recently taken photograph of Crowley’s ghost!

This free download is presented with kind permission of the author, Richard Cole. Use the menu at the top of this page: click on Content and then Downloads.

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Thank you Richard and LAShTAL


thanks Richard!


Indeed, many thanks – it is an interesting read. But it’s not Liber Appendix, is it? – the proof of Liber Bogus i mean

Jamie J Barter

I already have the physical book, but this is a lovely travelogue and depository of Abbey images. If it were ever to be made into a film, who do you think would be the best choice to play the part of Richard — Michael Palin, perhaps?!
Norma N Joy Conquest


I attempted to download the PDF of Richard Coles Thelema Revisited, but it was not on the list of PDF’s. Has it been taken down?