Richard Kaczynski: Cartomancy in the Cotswolds

As a resident in the Cotswolds, I was delighted to read Richard Kaczynski’s fascinating new article: Cartomancy in the Cotswolds: Lady Frieda Harris and Aleister Crowley at Chipping Campden

The article was published in Signpost, the journal of Chipping Campden Historical Society.

Richard Kaczynski wrote to CCHS asking about Rolling Stone Orchard. He is the author of Perdurabo: The Life of Aleister Crowley (North Atlantic Books, 2010). He has also written academic articles on the Thoth Tarot, delivered a keynote address on Frieda Harris at the 2016 Trans-States Conference in Northampton and maintains the Thoth Sightings web page, which documents the deck’s appearances in TV, movies and other forms of mass media/popular culture.

To download a PDF of the journal:


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Thank you so much for linking us to this wonderful article, Paul. It ends on a triumphant note but it saddens me that she never got to hold the eventual product in her hands. I suppose that she trusted in AC’s genius enough that she could imagine just how far it would go. This work kept her going through the worst times, & we can see her state of mind upon completion of the Swords.