Ridley Scott to produce miniseries on rocket scientist Jack Parsons

Source: Dan Ruderman at Boing Boing

Ridley Scott to produce miniseries on rocket scientist, occultist Jack Parsons

The colorful life of Jack Parsons as revealed in the biography Strange Angel by George Pendle will appear on AMC in miniseries form, according to a Deadline report. Ridley Scott and David Zucker will executive produce the series, which will be written by Mark Heyman (Skeleton Twins, Black Swan).

[…] While Parsons as the passionate outsider driving technological advancement is in itself a compelling story, the plot twists of his personal life make it truly fascinating. As was the case for many intellectuals in the 1930’s Parsons frequented communist gatherings, though he never joined the Party. His quest for alternative viewpoints led him to attend a Gnostic Mass at Hollywood’s Agape Lodge of the Ordo Templi Orientis, run by followers of Aleister Crowley.

[…] While a feature film would be far too short to convey the many complex and engaging details of Parsons’s life, a miniseries makes a lot of sense. In the hands of Ridley Scott, I expect that this production will reach a very high bar.

For full article:http://boingboing.net/2014/10/28/ridley-scott-to-produce-minise.html


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