Rituale Corvorum

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Rituale Corvorum: Containing the Common Ceremonial and Codified Conduct of Cultic Crowleyanity…

Official rituals and instructions of the Great White Brotherhood presented in a format similar to a Catholic Missal or a Protestant Prayer Book.

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“Cultic Crowleyanity”? Yikes!

“The ritual of the crows”? Which is what “Rituale Corvorum” is in English- why only one ritual (when the book is said to contain “Official rituals” plural), and multiple crows? Cannot recall any mention of any crows at all in any AC/A.’. A.’. rituals.

Many red flags in even this super-brief 35-word description


I was intrigued for about 10 seconds, until I noticed the lack of mention of specific details on the contents. The page has no more information on that than this post does. I certainly wouldn’t pay $80 for a book that I know next to nothing about the contents of, let alone have no idea what the title even refers to in the context of what it claims to contain.

And not just “Cultic Crowleyanity”, but ” Containing the Common Ceremonial and Codified Conduct of Cultic Crowleyanity” Someone likes the letter C a lot.


Someone has a sense of humor.

It’s an excellent collection, very well printed and bound, and I have only found one typo so far.


Good to know.

Could you share some idea of the contents?


Table of Contents:


A good selection. While I appreciate a nice, well made, pretty book, would this hold any value for someone who already has experience with these selections?


The joy of book collecting is often just the design and beauty of the book, it doesn’t have to have a utilitarian value.


I am aware of that, and I appreciate a lovely book. I just wanted to know if it would be a useful book as well.

Nexist Xendaths

I am more concerned with the blurb than the term “Cultic Crowleyanity”. I did find a description elsewhere that gave me a page count of 300+ pp, but no table of contents nor assurance that it isn’t some cheaply made book being sold at high prices.