Rituale Corvorum

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Rituale Corvorum: Containing the Common Ceremonial and Codified Conduct of Cultic Crowleyanity…

Official rituals and instructions of the Great White Brotherhood presented in a format similar to a Catholic Missal or a Protestant Prayer Book.

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2 comments on “Rituale Corvorum

  1. ignant666

    “Cultic Crowleyanity”? Yikes!

    “The ritual of the crows”? Which is what “Rituale Corvorum” is in English- why only one ritual (when the book is said to contain “Official rituals” plural), and multiple crows? Cannot recall any mention of any crows at all in any AC/A.’. A.’. rituals.

    Many red flags in even this super-brief 35-word description

  2. Nexist Xendaths

    I am more concerned with the blurb than the term “Cultic Crowleyanity”. I did find a description elsewhere that gave me a page count of 300+ pp, but no table of contents nor assurance that it isn’t some cheaply made book being sold at high prices.

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