Scarlett Sabet, Mark Booth and Aleister Crowley

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Interesting snippet I missed in December on the website of Scarlett Sabet, Jimmy Page’s partner:

‘The Secret History Of The World’ was published in 2007 and became a New York Times Bestseller. It’s author Mark Booth [aka Jonathan Black] has attended several of my poetry readings and requested to use a line from my poem Euphoric Kiss (featured in my second collection The Lock And The Key) for the reissue anniversary edition ‘The Illustrated Secret History Of The World’.It is available now and the line from Euphoric Kiss is ‘Surely Gods here at play…’ and it is featured on page 400 under a photograph of Aleister Crowley.

Source: News – Scarlett Sabet

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Thanks for this info. Checking her website Scarlett appears to be quite a committed artist and poet. She is also quite beautiful. It’s nice to see people keeping these arts alive and she looks to have found her voice in art and media circles. Much continued success to Scarlett.


that book Is incredible.