Sealladh an Loch

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An interesting update regarding Boleskine House from LAShTAL.COM’s Travel Correspondent, Frater FS:

As Frater FS drove by Boleskine, he noticed a large house with exposed bay window built right next to Boleskine House – on its left if you are facing BH. It is in fact a holiday home for let, called Sealladh an Loch, offering 12 rooms. Whole house is just over £1,400 for the week.

For the Thelemic traveller, this is about as close as you can get to staying in Boleskine itself – you are right on the same latitude set up the hill and off the road. And armed with a powerful pair of binoculars…

A note of caution – the gates of Boleskine are padlocked shut with a “trespassers will be prosecuted” sign, and a large man who clearly lives in the gatehouse sits conspicuously out front on his terrace.

I have yet to stay at the new guest house, but good news for Foyers fans I would think. There is also a new farm shop before you get to Foyers – all that evocation gives you an appetite after all.

Frater FS

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