I’d like to take this opportunity to wish visitors to LAShTAL.COM the very best Season’s Greetings.

Happy Christmas, if you celebrate it, or Yule, or Saturnalia, or whatever.

Now, as we approach the end of 2016, is the perfect opportunity to re-assess where we are with LAShTAL…

The site continues to go from strength to strength. With more than 2,200 News items across several decades, the site receives an average of 25,000 hits per day. The forums – including 7,300+ threads and 84,000+ replies – remain the most intelligent on any Thelemic site and LAShTAL.COM is now commonly accepted, if I say so myself, as the definitive Aleister Crowley web site. The 12,000+ registered members here include all the prominent modern Thelemites and Crowley scholars.

All this without resorting to advertising, the curse of serious discourse on the web. This is achieved by the generous voluntary donations of a handful of members and by the work undertaken without payment by one webmaster (yours truly, Paul Feazey) and one technical administrator (@eol).

The New Year will see the introduction of new features and functionality – including, I hope, the upgrade of its Forum software to something less irritatingly complicated!

I’m very proud of what’s been achieved so far with LAShTAL.COM – including the fact that the site has received more than 4,000,000 visits in the last year – and really look forward to what this site will achieve in 2017!

So, best wishes to you all…

93 93/93

Paul Feazey