Simon Sayce, who created the Puzzle Box for the Hellraiser films, has passed away.

Simon Sayce, who created the iconic Puzzle Box for the film Hellraiser, as well as the mask worn by David Cronenberg’s character Decker in Nightbreed, has died.

Los Angeles-based art dealer Thomas Negovan, who knew Sayce, broke the news to me this morning, and says:

“[Sayce] spent time with C. S. Lewis’s son around the time of [the box’s] creation, traveling and discussing metaphysical theories. While the surfaces of the mass-released versions of the box are clumsy patterns, the original screen-used box had intricate encodings etched into its surface using a primal Symbolist language devised by Sayce.”

Source: Simon Sayce, Creator of the Hellraiser Puzzle Box, Has Died