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A new series of novels by English author Ian Jarvis are now available featuring the granddaughter of Aleister Crowley. The first of these occult thrillers, Sisterhood, is on Amazon’s Kindle and ready to download onto tablet devices. The story presents a whole new slant on the great man’s death and provides an answer to the watch that vanished from his Hastings bedroom and the mysterious German woman who appeared at his funeral.

Guarding a mysterious past, Iona Kyle lives alone on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile, running a new-age bookstore and covertly using a combination of psychic skills and ritual magic to help people with problems.

Britain is under attack from terrorist explosions. A new Islamic faction are seemingly to blame and the Scottish capital is their latest target. The Edinburgh police are also investigating a series of killings where pentagrams have been gruesomely carved into the victims.

A widower with a teenage daughter, Philip Tarot uses this bizarre name to work as a fake clairvoyant. When he sees the latest murder victim being dumped one night, he’s faced with a hard choice. Reporting the incident will make him a mundane eyewitness, anonymous and quickly forgotten, but passing the information to the authorities as psychic visions would take him down a different path to fame and pay his debts. Life changes overnight with the latter option. The media love their new psychic celebrity, but the limelight brings unwelcome attention from Iona Kyle and, more disturbingly, a wealthy occult circle known as the Sorority.

Jessica Crowley, granddaughter of the infamous magician Aleister Crowley, is leader of this all-female group, and Iona discovers a staggering link between the bombings and the murders. Tarot finds he has exposed both himself and his daughter to unbelievable danger and the only one who can help is Iona.


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