Site Change Log

2021-04-22 Until spammers can be prevented from getting past the various Captcha type blocks, user registration is now locked.
2021-01-07 Complete annual website design change for enhanced visibility, accessibility and functionality.
2020-01-20 Forum posts can now be deleted or edited up to 15 minutes after posting. Increased by 10 minutes.
2020-01-16 Spam registrations are being made currently on the site at a rate of one every couple of minutes. Members here have rightly complained that user profiles comprising spam adverts are distracting and inappropriate. Pending the development of a technical solution, I have disabled new user registrations. Apologies for any inconvenience.
2020-01-07 Comments functionality upgraded
2020-01-04 ‘From the Galleries’ widget now shows random image
2019-11-21 Site Change Log published and added to Content menu
2019-11-21 Download page revised and links checked as working
2019-11-20 Numerous images added to Students Gallery
2019-11-19 Numerous images added to Jimmy Page Gallery
2019-11-13 Galleries software revised to NextGEN application. Galleries added and numerous images migrated
2019-11-12 ‘Pro’ file embedding option purchased and activated: allows images, PDFs, etc., to be added to Forum posts.
2019-11-12 YouTube embedding into Forum posts disabled. Still available to News posts.
2019-11-12 ‘Member Ranking’ display in Forum posts disabled.
2019-11-10 Site online after 2-3 day outage. Numerous tweaks (including system software) and bbPress Forum software replaced by wpForo application. All posts and members migrated.