Sounds Beyond Meaning – Kenneth Grant & His Work

Von Zos is pleased to announce the release of a new collection of essays celebrating the life and work of Kenneth Grant: Sounds Beyond Meaning – Kenneth Grant & His Work. A limited edition print is also being issued to celebrate the book’s release.

Kenneth Grant was probably the most innovative occultist of the post-Crowley age. There is little in the contemporary occult world that doesn’t bear his influence to some degree. Be it his development of the work of Aleister Crowley, his promotion and analysis of his friend Austin Osman Spare, the towering achievement of his Trilogies or his output of fantastic fiction, Grant achieved in his lifetime what few others could.

Often misunderstood, Grant’s oeuvre has no easy point of access. Indeed his work is so complex and multi-layered that some essential texts are only being properly debated and analysed now.

The essays in this book are not meant to be definitive nor to exist as an ‘explanation’ of anything. Rather they are an interim remembrance and discussion of the man and his work by people who knew both well.

The contributors include Michael Staley, Edward Gauntlet, Alaster Aleph, Caroline Wise, Richard Ward and Mike Magee.

The book is available in two editions:

Standard Edition

         Limited to 93 numbered copies

         Octavo format, 108 pp

         Cloth boards, sewn binding, gilt stamped

         Includes a Nu-Isis Ritual by Caroline Wise in booklet form, inserted into the main book

Deluxe Edition

(as per the Standard plus)

         Limited to 40 numbered copies

         Signed by all the contributors


         Accompanied by a specially produced three-dimensional sigil charm

Kenneth Grant, Golders Green, 1976 is a C-Type print of a photograph taken by Jan Magee in Kenneth Grant’s study in North London in the summer of 1978.

Measuring 11 x 14 inches, the C-type process is the highest reproduction standard possible of the original image and produces a gallery-quality artwork.

The image reflects the warmth and good-humoured nature of Grant and the print is accompanied by a short essay by Magee discussing their relationship and is signed and numbered.

Only 50 copies are being produced.

The pre-order for both editions of the book and the print starts on July 31st,2014 at at 3pm EST/8pm GMT.

A note on the pre-order

We expect to be shipping the standard copies of the book at the beginning of September and the deluxe copies just a few weeks after.

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