SPHINX: Death of the Blogs!

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The Word has come,

down from on High –

the Blogs shall die!

Because of the casual indolence of the many we tiny brave band of Blogs will perish…

Oh my woebegone eyes shed a salty tear learning this dire news from a curt message :

“Not enough interest to keep you alive.”

Well, thank Thoth – more cyber-space will be created for interminably ill-considered two sentence ‘quick replies’.

What a relief!

*      *      *      *      *

My sad three little Blogs, what did they ever do to deserve such ignominious demise?

Their only will was to be happy and to … share.

Now – hung out there, in the breeze to dry, lost forever in the blink of an eye.

They gaze at me in silent trepidation – awaiting their executioner’s brutal blow!

Alas poor Blog, I knew him well – a funny wee chap for sure.

Funny strange, not funny ha, ha.

Queer. Determinedly enigmatic to the end.


Oh well, can’t be helped I suppose, such is life at the end of a string – or rope as the case may be,

and shocking to feel I could have carefully crafted 31 of them …

good gracious that would have been a loss, most tragic!


So it’s farewell from me, as into a dark oblivion I fly,

and I’d like to think I could call out clear and loud from the gallows’ noose :



But realizing your attention span is that of a gnat …

Forget it.

That’s that!

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