SPHINX: The ‘Fama’ Turns 400 !

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I feel I should report to the Membership the occurrence this year of a happy occasion – the 400th Anniversary of the first publication in 1614 of that herald of Rosicrucian enlightenment :

“The Fama of the Fraternity of the Meritorious Order of the Rosy Cross Addressed to the Learned in General and the Governors of Europe”.

‘Now put forth in print and communicated to all true hearts’- from certain anonymous adepts, appearing that year in the town of Cassel, Germany to surprise the professors of magia, mystica, cabala, astrologia and alchymia there being no dearth of such men in Europe at that time.

The ‘Fama’ trumpeted a thrilling call to attention : If the learned were united in Fraternity they might collect a perfect method of all Arts. It introduced the ‘illuminated man’ Brother Rosencreutz – a great traveller.

This ‘Fama Fraternitatis’ manifesto issued in 1614 aroused intense excitement in the occult community of Europe and it seems much has been written about Rosicrucianism over the last four centuries.

My intent here is to show loving gratitude and wish a very Happy 400th Birthday to the ‘Fama’ pamphlet. xoxox !


Under the shadow of thy wings, Jehova ( perpetually protect & preserve the ‘Fama’.)

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