Speech in the Silence 40

Speech in the Silence is the official podcast of Blazing Star Oasis, O.T.O.

Happy New Year! Speech in the Silence #40 is now available for download. In this special Thelemic New Year’s program:

  • “Aleister Crowley and Paul Gauguin” by Robert Buratti
  • Musical Interlude: “Initiate” by Robot Chant
  • “The Law of Liberty” by Aleister Crowley, read by Frater Sabazius X°
  • “Collects and Sitars” by the Sitar Outreach Ministry featuring Br. Jay Lee
  • 93 Energy by Fr. IAO131 and Sr. Fieri Facias
  • Lon Milo DuQuette reads from his introduction to “Best of the Equinox Vol 2”
  • Musical Interlude: “Horus Calling” by The Green Man
  • “Living Thelema: Anima/Animus and the Magical Path” by David Shoemaker
  • Announcements & News about the Thelemic Community

Download today at: http://speechinthesilence.com/program-40-sol-in-aries-year-109

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