Subscribers: A Note of Thanks

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The graphic at the top of the home page of LAShTAL.COM invites visitors as follows:

Membership is and always will be free but how much is LAShTAL.COM worth to you? With no ads or other revenue, LAShTAL.COM and The Aleister Crowley Society rely entirely on contributions from members. Use the Subscribe button to set up a regular, monthly £5 donation or click on the Donate button to make a one-off contribution towards the site’s hosting and development costs.

The one-off contributions that result have over the past 60 days amounted to GBP12 – gratefully received, of course, but rather less than the carrying of advertisements would generate.

I’m especially grateful, though, to the handful of members that are currently signed-up to provide a monthly subscription of GBP5.

I’ve worried for some time that subscribers derive no benefit from the site – beyond, of course, the warm glow of satisfaction that must result from such a selfless act! I’ve always thought that subscribers should receive additional benefits but the means by which this could be administered and delivered has been less clear. Appropriate software is now available and will be implemented in due course.

Additional functionality available to subscribers could include access to ‘Inner Circle’ unmoderated threads, ‘closed’ image galleries, restricted-access Downloads and so on. I’m open to suggestions.

For now, thanks again to the subscribers whose contributions ensure that LAShTAL.COM remains the definitive Thelemic culture website, internationally respected for its impartial approach and ‘editorial decisions devoid of hubris.’ Thank you.

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