SYMPATHY FOR THE BEAST: Songs from the Poems of Aleister Crowley

Sympathy for the Beast, the new album by Twink and the Technicolour Dream, is based on the wonderfully imaginative poetical works of Aleister Crowley, whose natural and intrinsic musical quality Twink and the Technicolour Dream have tried to intensify with their psychedelic musical drive, using sections of the original poems as lyrics for their songs or narrations for their musical backgrounds.

Jon Povey has given a significant contribution to this album as vocalist, composer and keyboard player. In addition, William Breeze, head of the Ordo Templi Orientis, the lodge presided by Crowley through most of his life, has provided the recently discovered manuscript scores of two unpublished songs by Crowley that Twink and the Technicolour Dream are presenting for the first time in their original form (piano and soprano) and a rock version.

Interview on Thelema Now!
— Album available on Apple Music

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I must say: I am generally unimpressed with Crowley’s influence on so much modern music. English Heretic delivered the goods with regards to Grant. Twink and Co. do the same here. This stuff is such a wonderful rocking interpretation. Big applause for this work!