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The Extraordinary Life of Alan Moore on Thelema NOW

As Pop Will Eat Itself once said, Alan Moore knows the score, can you dig it? On this episode of Thelema Now, host Frater Puck talks to author Lance Parkin about his biography of Alan Moore, titled Magic Words: The Extraordinary Life of Alan Moore. Find out about Alan Moore’s magical experiences and the translate into his work. Direct download:… Read more »

Thelema Now! Robert Buratti

   September 20, 2013    No Comments on Thelema Now! Robert Buratti

Brother Robert Buratti talks about creating the Art Guild of the Ordo Templi Orientis Australia.  The Art Guild brings together creative artists of all mediums to build awareness of Thelemic art.  The Guild is currently working with mainstream art venues such as museums and galleries to spread the 93 current.  To find out more, visit collective777.com!  

Thelema NOW Guest: Barry William Hale

What’s it like having your artwork hanging right next to Aleister Crowley’s?  Barry William Hale knows!  Hear him discuss this, looking for inspiration, and more! Barry William Hale has been described as an occult artist, but he is much more.  For example, as an outspoken member of the OTO, he is a forward thinking proponent for individual exploration, undoubtedly spurred on… Read more »

Kenneth Anger’s Occultism

Judith Noble (Arts University College, Bournemouth) Kenneth Anger is a legend of avant-garde film and a key figure in the counterculture and the late 1960s occult revival. Tonight, a leading expert on esotericism and film considers the way in which Anger created and deployed a unique cinematic occult system in his films, which function as magical rituals for their audiences… Read more »

Thelema Now! Guest: Robert Buratti

Australian art dealer Robert Buratti is making it his mission to get Aleister Crowley his due when it comes to his painting and artwork.  He has curated the first major exhibition of Aleister Crowley to tour Australia, featuring works previously exhibited at the Pompidou Centre and Palais de Tokyo, Paris.  Find out why he thinks Uncle Al’s works deserve more… Read more »

AOS Prints For Sale

   February 16, 2013    No Comments on AOS Prints For Sale

  Two limited edition prints of superb artwork by Austin Osman Spare are being made available for purchase: Mask and Effloration… Presented by Strange Attractor Press in collaboration with artist and musician Ossian Brown, this Mask is one of a number created by Spare in the early 1930s, and shows off his own idiosyncratic take on the Art Deco style to… Read more »

Lecture: Aleister Crowley & Wicca (Australia)

Saturday 9 February 2013: Buratti Fine Art – 222 Queen Victoria Street, North Fremantle, Western Australia Aleister Crowley is most associated with his magical-spiritual philosophy of Thelema and the Orders he reformed or created to promote it, but his influence can be found within modern Witchcraft or Wicca which uses his magic and writings to high degree. This lecture will explore how… Read more »