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On this day in 1904: the ‘wickedest man in Britain’ completes his manuscript for a new religion

Edward Alexander Crowley was born on 12 October 1875 to a well-off family of Plymouth Brethren in Leamington Spa. He was a wilful child, and his mother nicknamed him Therion, the Great Beast 666, from the Book of Revelation. After school, Crowley went to Trinity College, Cambridge, to read natural sciences. He devoted little time on his studies, and excelled… Read more »

Alan Moore’s Top Five: Mystics and Magicians

To be honest, if there was any way of avoiding Aleister Crowley in this roughly chronological list – say, in favour of at least one female magician like Dion Fortune or Rosaleen Norton – then I would have gladly taken it, given both the enormous attention that Crowley has received already and the fact that much of this is from… Read more »