A couple working to rebuild the fire-ravaged Boleskine House by Loch Ness are selling charred remnants of the building for £49 a bag. Past owners have included the Fraser clan, Led Zeppelin rocker Jimmy Page and infamous cult leader Aleister Crowley. A crowdfunding campaign was started last year and has so far generated more than £22,500 of the £220,000 target for donations.Continue Reading

“Our contractors have been working day and night for the last week. We have successfully removed several skips worth of rubbles from the “library” and “oratory” rooms. We have successfully removed any hanging remains that could damage the house over the winter. Between these tendered works and professional fees, we will be pressed for funds by the end of December. Boleskine needs your help! Please see our PayPal, GoFundMe, or sign up as a member today!”Continue Reading

The 100th Monkey Press is pleased to announce the publication of the Magical Record of Victor B. Neuburg. On 8 April 1909 Victor B. Neuburg took the Oath of Probationer in the A.A. Aleister Crowley’s newly formed magical order. In June of 1909 Neuburg traveled from Cambridge to Crowley’s home, Boleskine House…Continue Reading

An interesting update regarding Boleskine House from LAShTAL.COM’s Travel Correspondent, Frater FS: ‘As Frater FS drove by Boleskine, he noticed a large house with exposed bay window built right next to Boleskine House – on its left if you are facing BH. It is in fact a holiday home for let, called Sealladh an Loch, offering 12 rooms. Whole house is just over £1,400 for the week.’Continue Reading

Dutch millionairess Trudy Piekaar-Bakker told how disappointed she was in the looters who raided it after the blaze and warned the Curse of Boleskine House would exact retribution on them. The Amsterdam businesswoman who made her fortune in a Japanese car parts business also talked about restoring the burned out shell…Continue Reading

A REMOTE ruin once owned by a notorious occultist dubbed “the wickedest man in the world” has been placed on a list of historic buildings under threat. Boleskine House, which sits on the south-east shore of Loch Ness, was reduced to a burnt-out shell when a fierce blaze ripped through the property in 2015. It was previously the home of infamous “black magician” Aleister Crowley, who scandalised British society in the early 20th century through his experiments with sex, drugs and the occult.Continue Reading

An event constellated around the abodes of Aleister Crowley will be taking place at St Leonards Masonic Hall on 1st December. English Heretic and Accumulator Press will host talks and performances. Antony Clayton will be talking about Netherwood early in the evening, Matthew Shaw will be providing accompaniment to aContinue Reading

Sad photographs taken this week at the ruins of Boleskine House. [All photographs reproduced with kind permission of John R Thomson – all rights reserved.] For larger versions, click on the relevant images below. Further images of Boleskine House from the LAShTAL.COM Galleries.   [foogallery id=”94147″]Continue Reading

Unexplained is a bi-weekly podcast about mysterious real life events that continue to evade explanation. In last week’s episode, The Spaces that Linger, we journeyed to the grounds of Boleskine House on the banks of Loch Ness in the highlands of Scotland. Although the house has long been the subjectContinue Reading

With thanks to user VACCALEEN… Gone to see the Boleskine House once more (or at least the walls that’s left of it), i had later the courtesy to get together with the present Boleskine landlords in Dores Inn. After a very pleasant and comfortable supper with their nice company, iContinue Reading

YouTube user Drumho1 has made available a high definition black-and-white video showing the ruins of Boleskine House, following December 2015’s devastating fire.  Continue Reading

The owner of a fire-ravaged mansion near Loch Ness has been left “totally distraught” by the loss of her family’s treasured holiday home. Boleskine House at Foyers was destroyed by a fierce blaze earlier this week. The Dutch owner’s daughter and partner are understood to have gone shopping and returnedContinue Reading

More detail on the sad story of the fire at Boleskine House… THE onetime home of black witch Aleister Crowley – the self-confessed “most evil man in Britain” – has been virtually destroyed by a fire which ripped through the 18th-century Loch Ness-side mansion. The blaze at Boleskine House wasContinue Reading

A decent article in The Scotsman (14 December 2015) by Alison Campsie… Occultist Aleister Crowley bought Boleskine House in the late 1800s. Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page may only have visited there a handful of times, but the rock god is forever linked to what has been dubbed “the mostContinue Reading

A new book on Jules Jacot Guillarmod, the mountaineer and photograph of the Himalaya expeditions of 1902 and 1905, led by Oscar Eckenstein and Aleister Crowley respectively, has been published: PIONIER AM K2 (in German) or PIONNIER DU K2 (in the French original). It’s an amazing account of the adventuresContinue Reading

Sunday Times (UK) p 11 (19-08-2007) By Tom Lappin The area is lovely, but it’s good to be able to escape the monstrous commercialism that surrounds it, writes Tom Lappin. The dark depths of Loch Ness have become something of a cultural divide. On the northwest shore we are in the tediouslyContinue Reading

With thanks to OTO, LAShTAL.COM is proud to present a portfolio of documents from the Scottish Public Records Office relating to the deeds of Aleister Crowley’s Boleskine House. This download is available only to Registered Members. It’s obviously a significant set of papers for serious Crowley students and is madeContinue Reading

The life of Ronald MacGillivray was celebrated in a delightful obituary in the Glasgow Herald in February 2002. I missed this article when it was first published and am grateful to Frater FS – whose article regarding his stay at the house is a popular feature of this site –Continue Reading