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Liber-AL.com Bookseller: Anniversary Sale

The always-interesting and highly regarded bookseller, Liber-AL.com, is holding an anniversary sale to mark the store’s fourth year. There are over 200 items in the sale, many massively reduced, up to 40% in many cases. Included are many early, rare and/or limited editions mostly related to Aleister Crowley. The sale is running until Tuesday 4th September at which point the prices go back to normal. It’s a genuine opportunity to grab some real bargains.

Kevin Klein: The Complete Mystical Records of Dr John Dee

Exciting pre-announcement of the September 2017 publication of what looks likely to be a very significant publication, Kevin Klein’s two-volume (1,728 pages) The Complete Mystical Records of Dr John Dee: Transcribed from the 16th-Century Manuscripts Documenting Dee’s Conversations with Angels… A lavishly packaged, two-volume box set containing the most faithful and…
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