Saturday 9 February 2013: Buratti Fine Art – 222 Queen Victoria Street, North Fremantle, Western Australia Aleister Crowley is most associated with his magical-spiritual philosophy of Thelema and the Orders he reformed or created to promote it, but his influence can be found within modern Witchcraft or Wicca which uses his magicContinue Reading

Now Available from Weiser Antiquarian Books: Four New Releases (all of some Thelemic interest) [Aleister Crowley] Edited by Robert Buratti with essays by Marco Pasi, Giuseppe Di Liberti, William Breeze, Stephen J King, and Tobias Churton: The Nightmare Paintings: Aleister Crowley. Works from the Palermo Collection. Frater Shiva: Treatise on Naught WilliamContinue Reading