From Clive Harper: Friends and acquaintances may be surprised by an announcement recently made regarding the sale of books from my collection. So let me assure everyone that in the immortal words of Granny Weatherwax – “I ATEN’T DEAD”. However after nearly half a century of accumulating occult books, I have decided that it is time to “downsize” and over the next year or two, I shall be dispersing the vast majority of my collection.Continue Reading

The always-interesting and highly regarded bookseller,, is holding an anniversary sale to mark the store’s fourth year. There are over 200 items in the sale, many massively reduced, up to 40% in many cases. Included are many early, rare and/or limited editions mostly related to Aleister Crowley. The sale is running until Tuesday 4th September at which point the prices go back to normal. It’s a genuine opportunity to grab some real bargains.Continue Reading

Regular visitors to this site will know just how much I admire Weiser Antiquarian and their always-fascinating book catalogues. This time, though, they have outdone themselves, with two Catalogues announced at the same time. And, believe me, the content is astonishing! Many items have already sold but the catalogues remain – in any case – a fabulous resource for those of us obsessed with the writings of Aleister Crowley.Continue Reading

Our annual “Holiday Bargain List” is now on-line. It comprises an interesting mixture of fresh items and items from stock, mostly on the Occult and Eastern Religions, but also covering some other fields of interest, all discounted from our regular reasonable prices. As well as a number of discounted newContinue Reading

December 2017 E.V. Update Greetings Wishing all Midian customers the best for the festive season. This will be the last email before the New Year. Much in store for 2018 including more printed catalogues (the much telegraphed Grimoire catalogue), more “themed” lists and a long awaited move to a newContinue Reading

The always-interesting booklists from Caduceus Books have thrown out some real gems over the years. The latest is no exception, including: Leon Engers Kennedy (Frater T.A.T.K.T.A.), The Master Therion, Mandrake Press Ltd. 1992, Large format high quality prints (24.5ins x 17.2ins) on 170 gms art paper. The original oil paintingContinue Reading

93 Greetings! A new list of occult books and occult artwork for sale by Caduceus Books may be viewed here: It includes items relating to Crowley, Golden Dawn, Cultus Sabbati etc. With my best wishes Ben 93 93/93Continue Reading

Weiser Antiquarian Books Catalogue No. 167 Mostly Magick: Surplus Books from the Library of Stephen Skinner As the title suggests, the one hundred and sixty-seventh of our on-line catalogues comprises duplicates and other surplus books from the library of well-known occult scholar Stephen Skinner. To view the catalogue please go to theContinue Reading

Once in a while we see a truly exceptional catalogue from specialist bookshops – often from, or from Weiser Antiquarian or Caduceus. This catalogue, though, from Midian Books in Derbyshire UK, is simply extraordinary. And it’s presented as a PDF packed full of images and information. Subjects? Everything thatContinue Reading

Thanks for the feedback regarding the opportunity to view photographs and details of Weiser Antiquarian’s sale of the original holograph manuscript of Crowley’s ‘The Book Of Lies’. That item has now sold but members of this site will, I’m sure, be interested to read: The second part of the catalogueContinue Reading

The usual excellence from Weiser Antiquarian… Aleister Crowley & Associates Used and Rare Books and Items of Ephemera It is a typically varied catalogue, with ordinary second hand books as well as rarities. Amongst the latter are a copy of the special edition (on handmade paper) of Clouds Without Water (1909);Continue Reading