Alongside director/writer Brannon Braga, Clive [Barker] has been writing new material to create a wealth of new and original Books of Blood stories for adaptation and The Books of Blood began shooting in Novia Scotia in mid October 2019. … A trilogy of tales ‘tangled in space and time’ have been woven together for this feature for Hulu, set for release in Fall 2020.Continue Reading

Clive Barker’s serious interest in Magick is well-documented and has, over the years, manifested in some extraordinary books and films of Thelemic interest: On this day in 1987, a British horror film titled Hellraiser was released in the UK. Made on a budget of $1 million, the film ultimately grossedContinue Reading

On 3 June 2004 I wrote the following in my Blog: I’ve heard a fascinating rumour from two separate sources about the involvement of Clive Barker in what could be a stunning piece of creative Crowleyana! I can’t say any more yet – not least because there’s a definite needContinue Reading