Alongside director/writer Brannon Braga, Clive [Barker] has been writing new material to create a wealth of new and original Books of Blood stories for adaptation and The Books of Blood began shooting in Novia Scotia in mid October 2019. … A trilogy of tales ‘tangled in space and time’ have been woven together for this feature for Hulu, set for release in Fall 2020.Continue Reading

The CW is developing Weaveworld, a drama series based on the horror / fantasy novel by Clive Barker (Hellraiser). The genre writer-filmmaker is set to executive produce the project, written/executive produced by Jack Kenny (Warehouse 13). The show gives a contemporary makeover to the premise of the novel, which was publishedContinue Reading

Clive Barker’s serious interest in Magick is well-documented and has, over the years, manifested in some extraordinary books and films of Thelemic interest: On this day in 1987, a British horror film titled Hellraiser was released in the UK. Made on a budget of $1 million, the film ultimately grossedContinue Reading

On 3 June 2004 I wrote the following in my Blog: I’ve heard a fascinating rumour from two separate sources about the involvement of Clive Barker in what could be a stunning piece of creative Crowleyana! I can’t say any more yet – not least because there’s a definite needContinue Reading