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New: The Aleister Crowley Primer – For Those Who ARE Willing to be Shunned

If you are interested in pursuing Thelema, this book by J Edward and Erica M Cornelius is for you—regardless if you are officially in the A.’.A.’. or not. After all, Crowley designed his system so that anyone in the world could become a Thelemite. We believe that to be a proper Thelemite, you must first be familiar with the terms, phrases and basic principles of our philosophy.


A review of Secret Symbols of the Hell Fire Club or the Mystic Society of Thelema Considered from an Occult Perspective (2017) by Eamonn Loughran and edited by Shaun Johnson As Thelemic Adepts, we collect three types of books: those that illuminate esoteric symbols, those that describe history, and those that amuse us. We can honestly say that this book represents a rarity: it does all three, well. Loughran makes a detailed case that Sir Francis Dashwood’s 18th-century Hell Fire Club was an esoteric secret society, and that the Club’s caves at West Wycombe were its initiatory chambers. With nuance and clarity, the author systematically unfolds the symbolism of the Club’s membership structure, rituals, and sacred items. Clearly, he has invested many decades of research and personal occult work in developing his views. Loughran impressed us with his understanding that successful initiation happens only inside the candidate, who consciously or…
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