Under a dim, haunting red light, Tibet’s blocky black-and-white African fetishes look as if they’ve been doused in crimson, their faces remade by the artist into smiles and lop-sided triangle eyes. Another red-light section is dedicated to a woman in silhouette and haphazardly drawn barns with red roofs, both images inspired by an unsolved killing from the 1940s and a notorious murder and execution in 1827 England…Continue Reading

The first minute of Hypnopazūzu – the duo of producer Youth and Current 93’s David Tibet – suggests merely Tibet’s diverse, yet mid-paced psychedelia hardwired with electronics. It’s a deeply deceptive impression; Create Christ, Sailor Boy is a highlight in both artists’ long discographies. Opener ‘Your Eyes In The SkittleContinue Reading

His voice is unique, as always, but he has never been so melodic as here, he dares to push his vocal skills one step further and the results are surprising. Just listen to the hypnotic vocal line of the stunning opener “Your Eyes in the Skittle Hills” or the subsequentContinue Reading

Skipping To Armageddon: Photographs of Current 93 and Friends by Ruth Bayer – With an introduction by Michel Faber, and a Foreword by David Tibet   “Like much of the music made by the artists who entrusted her to reflect their mercurial spirits, Bayer’s pictures are magic…”   Bringing together,Continue Reading

  This from David Tibet: We are OverAllTheMoons to announce details of an imminent anthology by David Tibet, released at the same time, and with the same title, as the new album by Current 93 93/93 The Moons At Your Door, published by the ever-wonderful Strange Attractor Press, is an anthology ofContinue Reading

One of Thelema NOW‘s favorite guests returns!  David Tibet discusses his latest project, I AROSE AS ALEPH, THE SPELLER, THE KILLER.  During his Birthday Moon on 5 March 2010, David hallucinated 41 portraits of ALEPH, THE SPELLER, THE KILLER and painted them in white ink by writing that thousands ofContinue Reading

Now available from Weiser Antiquarian Books: Netherwood: Last Resort of Aleister Crowley by “A Gentleman of Hastings” [Antony Clayton]with contributions fromFrater Amor Fati [Gary Lachman] & The English Heretic [Andy Sharp] Foreword by Anok Pe [David Tibet] A fascinating study of Netherwood, the guest-house in Hastings (England) and the time spentContinue Reading