NOW AVAILABLE FROM AMAZON with all new material such as THE FALL OF LENG, POET-KING OF LENG and THE CRYSTAL PARLIAMENT. Journey to the icy plateau of Leng, marvel at the Age of Steam and The Gentleman Ape! Travel aboard the London-Mars Express with the mystic Sir Aleister Crowley. Discover the secret of the Brompton Time-machine! Over 500 pages with a cover designed by the author, Sean Woodward.Continue Reading

For those yet to read Kaczynski’s The Billionth Monkey … it’s a delightful, witty and erudite piece of fiction… New Thelema, NOW! Podcast Posted – Richard Kaczynski. One of Thelema, NOW!’s favorite guests is back!  Soror Lilya talks to Richard Kaczynski about his novel, The Billionth Monkey. To find out moreContinue Reading

FULLY REVISED & EXPANDED EDITION OF ALEISTER CROWLEY’S THE DRUG & OTHER STORIES NOW AVAILABLE… A revised and expanded second edition of Aleister Crowley’s The Drug & Other Stories is now available from book publisher, Wordsworth Editions. The book brings together fifty-four of the religious philosopher, writer and poet’s stories,Continue Reading

Celebrated speed ace Sir Malcolm Campbell (Alex Lowe) is carrying out speed trials on Loch Ness when a bank of fog suddenly descends. When it lifts, Sir Malcolm and his boat have mysteriously vanished… MI:13’s Harry Crow (David Warner) and Professor Dunning (Terry Molloy) are soon shaking up the sleepyContinue Reading

  There will be a launch to celebrate the publication of Kenneth Grant’s early novel Grist to Whose Mill? at Treadwells Bookshop on Friday 30th March at 7pm onwards. All are welcome, but please let Treadwells know beforehand that you will be attending — telephone them on 020 7419 8507Continue Reading