Ontological Graffiti is Michael Bertiaux’s magnum opus. More than 40 years in development and a decade in production, this work now stands at over 480 pages and is without doubt his most substantial and important book yet. Ontological Graffiti provides for us a vibrant vudutronic, spiritualist, art-grimoire. It presents theContinue Reading

From Fulgur: We are delighted to announce our new website, FULGUR 4.0 is now live. This is our fourth website since 2003 and in response to our customer survey of 2014 we have simplified the navigation, introduced larger product images and stream-lined the e-commerce. It’s also responsive and optimised forContinue Reading

Robert Ansell is the Director of Fulgur Press, which has published the work of esoteric artists for 20 years, including works by Austin Osman Spare.  They’re called “books,” kids!  And it’s not the same as reading stuff on the internet.  Visit www.fulgur.co.uk Related Images:Continue Reading

The 4th annual Esoteric Book Conference is hosting a special exhibition commemorating 20 years of publishing by Fulgur and Xoanon. Publishing directors Robert Ansell and Daniel Schulke will co-present: Genius Libris: The Book As Auric Object as a part of the event.Continue Reading

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Crowley’s poem ‘Babalon’ published for the first time. Treadwells and Fulgur are delighted to announce the first issue of our new esoteric journal ABRAXAS is now in press. In keeping with our intent, writers and artists have kindly submitted material from across the globe: Australia, the United States, Mexico, ItalyContinue Reading