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Time To Reassess The World View Of The Notorious Occultist | AMFM Magazine.tv

Tobias Churton: Some people may come to Crowley through rock n roll. Led Zeppelin III (1971) had “Do what thou wilt” inscribed on its run-out groove, if memory serves, and I suppose this gave the music a kind of free-form, libertarian rationale. However “Do what thou wilt” does not mean “Do as thou wilt”, so people in search of mere kicks of self-indulgence might be disappointed when they discover Crowley was a stickler for discipline!

Aleister Crowley Mention on BBC Radio 4

During the course of an interview on BBC Radio 4’s ‘Loose Ends’ programme this evening, comedian Andrew O’Neill spoke about his fondness for heavy metal music and the occult practices of Aleister Crowley, even going so far as to subtly correct the interviewer’s mispronunciation of ‘Crowley’. Well worth a listen and further evidence of the increasing ability of the mainstream media to mention Crowley without the usual nonsense: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b08ylrrf

Discover Jerusalem Press | Watkins MIND BODY SPIRIT Magazine

Jerusalem Press was founded in July 2007 with the remit to publish the work of artists and writers in limited edition books and fine print editions of the highest quality. We interviewed Jerusalem Press director Stephen Pochin, who is a writer, curator and publisher. Stephen curated the Austin Osman Spare retrospective Fallen Visionary at the Cuming Museum in 2012. He has contributed to Two Grimoires (2011) by Starfire Publishing, and authored two books on Spare’s wider context in Edwardian culture, Evolution 1: From Influx to Automatic Drawing (2008) Evolution 2: A Fiery Asymmetry (20012) both published by Mandrake Press. He is currently preparing a new exhibition on Spare. Watkins: When did you set up Jerusalem Press and what is your specialised field? Stephen Pochin: We started in 2007 when the opportunity presented itself to republish The Book of Pleasure with a new introduction by Alan Moore. The Book of Pleasure…
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