Israel Regardie features in Haaretz: November 17, 1907, is the birthdate of Israel Regardie, practitioner and explainer of the occult, who early in his career served as personal secretary to the charismatic and outrageous British “Master of Darkness” Aleister Crowley, and later wrote some of the more well-known books aboutContinue Reading

Be Yourself: A Guide to Relaxation and Health $18.95 Dr Israel Regardie Foreword by Bhagavan Jivananda Introduction by James Wasserman When the Rosicrucians of old announced themselves to the world in 1614, they described their primary mission as healing. Dr Israel Regardie 1907-1985 remained true to that purpose. He wroteContinue Reading

The Israel Regardie Conference 2016 will be held at the Town Hall, Welshpool, mid-Wales, on Saturday 30 April 2016. This Welsh market town has good rail links with Birmingham and London so easy access. Tickets are £16 from Speakers are… Geraldine Beskin … Towards the Golden Dawn Liz WilliamsContinue Reading