James Wasserman explores the magickal connection between Aleister Crowley’s teaching of Thelema and America’s new president. I’ve not yet seen this magazine on the shelves or had an opportunity to read the article: anything by James Wasserman is worth reading. Presented here as a News item because it’s interesting toContinue Reading

Be Yourself: A Guide to Relaxation and Health $18.95 Dr Israel Regardie Foreword by Bhagavan Jivananda Introduction by James Wasserman When the Rosicrucians of old announced themselves to the world in 1614, they described their primary mission as healing. Dr Israel Regardie 1907-1985 remained true to that purpose. He wroteContinue Reading

What was it like back in the early days of the New York Occult Scene?  What really went on?  One of Thelema NOW!’s favorite guests tells all in his new book In the Center of the Fire.  A lot of questions will be answered and you will feel like youContinue Reading

One of Thelema NOW’s all time favorite guests is back.  James Wasserman gives us the lowdown on his book The Temple of Solomon: From Ancient Israel to Secret Societies.  Find out what a trip to Israel meant to Mr. Wasserman, his opinions on the Bible, and being at one withContinue Reading