Exciting news from Jerusalem Press: Featuring detailed notes transcribed by Frank Letchford from his advanced lessons in portraiture, [The Static Alignments] is an indispensable resource for anyone wishing to gain an intimate understanding of Spare’s work practice.Continue Reading

Jerusalem Press was founded in July 2007 with the remit to publish the work of artists and writers in limited edition books and fine print editions of the highest quality. We interviewed Jerusalem Press director Stephen Pochin, who is a writer, curator and publisher. Stephen curated the Austin Osman SpareContinue Reading

The Catalpa Monographs by Dr William Wallace – A Critical Survey of the Art and Writings of Austin Osman Spare This is a beauty! Featuring 93 colour images and 50 unpublished artworks by Spare this book expands upon the books first publishing in the 1980s. The author returns to hisContinue Reading

From Jerusalem Press… After an inexcusably long silence, during which we have been immersed in picture-editing and indexing, and delays at printers, we are now pleased to announce that Catalpa Monographs is finally on press with delivery of standard edition pre-orders commencing October. Catalpa Monographs by Dr William Wallace: InContinue Reading

We are pleased to announce the publication of Refractions a fascinating collection of talk transcripts and new essays on Austin Osman Spare, with 300 images and 200 pages. This is the follow up to Cockney Visionary, gathering up talks delivered during the exhibition and fully illustrating the list of works. ItContinue Reading