Presenting a comprehensive overview of Dee’s life and work, Louv examines his scientific achievements, intelligence and spy work, imperial strategizing, and Enochian magick, establishing a psychohistory of John Dee as a singular force and fundamental driver of Western history. Exploring Dee’s influence on Sir Francis Bacon, the development of modern science, 17th-century Rosicrucianism, the 19th-century occult revival, and 20th-century occultists such as Jack Parsons, Aleister Crowley, and Anton LaVey, Louv shows how John Dee continues to impact science and the occult to this day.Continue Reading

My sincere thanks to Ian Rons for this insightful review… The Complete Mystical Records of Dr. John Dee edited by Kevin Klein Llewellyn, 2 vol., pp. 1760 The “Enochian” records of Dr. John Dee are arguably the central pillar of modern British occultism, being at once a synthesis of olderContinue Reading

Internationally acclaimed author and lecturer, Stephen Skinner, returns to speak with Frater Puck about his recent Dr John Dee’s Spiritual Diary. He was responsible for introducing real feng shui to the west, and he wrote the first 20th Century English book on the subject in 1976.  He discusses finally beingContinue Reading

The Atlantis Bookshop Presents… Dee DayA Conference exploring the World of Dr. John Dee · Robin E. Cousins – Dee and the Tuba Veneris.· Glyn Parry – Dee: The Arch-Conjuror of England.· Clive Prince & Lynn Picknett – Dee and Copernican Thought.· Tracy Thursfield – Dee and his Astrology.· RosemaryContinue Reading