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1901 – “Began mental muttering of ‘Aum Mani Padmi Hum’ while meditating on Buddha. This developed into Pratyaharic Dharana; loss of ego and a vision of mysterious power; loss of all objects mental and physical. I do not know how long this lasted. I woke meditating on Anahata. The voiceContinue Reading

1937 – Crowley reports that he picked up J W N Sullivan’s ‘Gallio’ for 3d and felt very exhausted & anxious as though death was in the air. He was afraid it might be Pearl Brooksmith. The book concerned is ‘Gallio or the Tyranny of Science’ by J W NContinue Reading

1907 – Visits bull-fight. Boards Reichspostdampfschiff Scharnhorst for Southampton. Writes La Gitana 1909 – Rose Edith Kelly leaves AC, moving to Warwick Road, following complaint that he had beaten her. 1920 – Vows Holy Obedience to 31-666-31 (The Scarlet Woman – at this time – Leah Hirsig).Continue Reading