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All visitors are urged to read this post in full for details of the latest upgrade which resulted in the site being unavailable for a week. Why upgrade? LAShTAL.COM was beginning to show its age. In terms of its visual impact,...

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LAShTAL: 29 August in AC’s Life

1901 – “Began mental muttering of ‘Aum Mani Padmi Hum’ while meditating on Buddha. This developed into Pratyaharic Dharana; loss of ego and a vision of mysterious power; loss of all objects mental and...

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LAShTAL: 11 August in AC’s Life

1937 – Crowley reports that he picked up J W N Sullivan’s ‘Gallio’ for 3d and felt very exhausted & anxious as though death was in the air. He was afraid it might be Pearl Brooksmith. The book...

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