Lovecraft’s horror stories have become not just a literary cult like many others, but a tangible cult of the occult. The Cthulhu Mythos of the Old Gods with Unspeakable names are evoked and worshipped, and respected practitioners of the esoteric use the symbolism and mythos as the basis of aContinue Reading

Published by Sirius Limited Esoterica, The Grimoire of ZAL by Sean Woodward is born of the author’s work with the Necronomicon-Physics and Time-Stations of La Couleuvre Noire. It explores LAM, the Voudon Gnostic and Lovecraft currents, magical dreaming and the resultant prater-human and Trans-Yuggothian intrusions. It is a journey thatContinue Reading

Von Zos is pleased to announce a new title in their Typhonian series – Echoes from the Primal Grimoire by Richard Ward. Echoes from the Primal Grimoire reveals the interconnectedness of intrusions from ‘Outside’ against the backdrop of Grant’s substantial interest in New England fantasy author H.P. Lovecraft. The textContinue Reading

He’s back!  Thelema Now favorite Peter Levenda returns. Peter and Frater Puck discuss the Dark Arts, Lovecraft, Crowley and Kenneth Grant. You won’t hear this anywhere else!   Related Images:Continue Reading

Thanks to N.O.X… The Director of Pan’s Labrynth is going to do a film of At the Mountains of Madness. I’ve recently come across this news on the web in several places here’s one: Let’s hope he does HPL’s wonderful story justice!Continue Reading