The Getty Images site remains a fascinating resource. Recent additions include what I’m given to understand is a previously unpublished photograph of Aleister Crowley (above) and some behind-the-scenes images from the London, 1971, filming of Lucifer Rising. Related Images:Continue Reading

Lecture on Kenneth Anger, Aleister Crowley, and Egyptology at the Petrie Museum Thursday 6 November 2014 In October 2013 Ethan Doyle White attended the UCL conference on Monstrous Antiquities: Archaeology and the Uncanny in Popular Culture, and presented a paper on the subject of Archaeology and Occultism in the WorkContinue Reading

Magician’s apprentice Mark Pilkington on the celluloid sorcery and psychedelic Satanism of the 1960’s baddest boy. From the light of the projector emerges a darkness that is hard to shake. Acid-drenched imagery fills the screen: a hanged man kicks and shudders as the life leaves his body; naked, face hiddenContinue Reading